Speed Shades - Multi-Color - Unisex
Speed Shades - Yellow - Unisex
Speed Shades - Red - Unisex
Speed Shades - C8 - Unisex
Speed Shades - Brown - Unisex
Speed Shades - Clear - Unisex
Speed Shades - Blue - Unisex
Speed Shades - Black - Unisex
Speed Shades - Silver - Unisex

Skeyeware Shades

Speed Shades

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Speed Shades:

These speed shades are trending and have been a great seller to people around the world. You can wear these for many different occasions. The glasses are very windproof seeing that the lens acts as a visor for a large portion of your face protecting from debris. These are unisex sunglasses so all genders can wear these. Grab yours now from Skeyeware and enjoy the awesome unique style!


Materials and Manufacturing of Speed Shades:

These speed shades are manufactured and produced in China. The lens width is 150mm and height is 70mm. The frame and lens are both made of polycarbonate. The lens optical attributes are gradient and UV400.