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Basic Shades - Unisex
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Skeyeware Shades

Basic Shades

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Basic Shades:

These sunglasses are an all time favorite by many people who wear sunglasses. They are a basic design that is tried and true. These are one of the most popular styles on the market for sunglasses. Can be worn by all genders and have great quality that will last. Basic Shades are square style and made for all ages after 13. Many other companies will put their names on the side of the frames for promotional uses but these will remain blank for a "no-name" style. Very affordable for the average person and will ship within 12-20 days to your house.

Product Info:

The material used to create the frame is plastic and the lens is polycarbonate. The lens height is 46mm and width is 52mm. They are a square style. The lens optical attributes are anti-reflective and UV400.